See How Easy a Whole-Home Remodel Can Be

See How Easy a Whole-Home Remodel Can Be

Ask about our bathroom remodeling services in Spring City & Phoenixville, PA

If your house is missing the features you'd love to have, get in touch with VT Same Construction today. We're a leading whole-home remodeling company in the Spring City & Phoenixville, PA area. We can do everything from room additions to bathroom remodeling. You can count on us to help you customize your living space for a price that other companies in the area can't beat.

Is a new tenant moving into your commercial building? No problem-we can help you redesign your space to fit your new tenant's needs.

Call us at 610-246-6432 now to discuss your whole-home remodeling needs with a local contractor.

Should you remodel your bathroom?

Are you considering a bathroom remodeling project at your Spring City & Phoenixville, PA home? Talk to the experts at VT Same Construction today. There are many benefits to a remodel. We recommend updating your bathroom if:

  • Your plumbing fixtures are old, worn-out and dirty
  • Your bathroom feels cramped, or you need more storage space
  • You're trying to add value to your house before putting it up for sale


Want to speak with a local bathroom remodeling pro about your project? Contact VT Same Construction today.